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What if a commodity creates a meaningful moment every time you use it? Based on the concept of treating the product as a medium to create a connection between users and their personal emotions, Balance, two designed products, the Cobblestone Scale reminds the user of stumbling across the river, and the Horizon Lamp evokes the memory of feeling sunshine.




Product design, 2013

Toolkits : Design Research, Rhino, Key shot, Illustrator, CNC

Role: Solo Project




Design a product for a high-pressured lifestyle, which is as meaningful as it was beautiful that improves health and fresh the soul.



Product design supported by user research, methodology analysis, design language developing, and tangible prototype.





User analysis

Users : 25-40 years old office worker

Features : Easy fatigue, Easy sick, Less communication, Bad memory, Dispirited, Impatient, Irascible.

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Concept of balance



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Concept expression

Cobblestone Scale

By stepping on it, with the touching and sensing from the organic shape and designed radius, the users come back to the moment when they stumbling across the river in the childhood.

They opened their arms to keep the balance, as streams slowly flowed along with fresh air and endless happiness.

 Horizon Lamp

Connects the users with memory of sunshine. When you turn on the lamp and have sunlight on your face, it is a tactile feeling of sunshine.

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journey MAP

 Cobblestone scale
Horizon lamp
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Concept development


Design expression


On the normal weight scale, the body weight grows from 0 to your weight, on Cobblestone scale, it decreases from 90 to your scale,  as the weight decreased, the pressure decreased. 



The bottom of Cobblestone scale has a radius to recall the memory of stumbling across the river, the memory of balance.

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Size specification (mm)

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