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Global 911

UX/UI/Motion design, 2017



Global 911 is mobile on-demand product which helps travelers during emergencies while they are abroad. It can provide your exact location, no matter where you are, who you are, or what language you speak.


Role Company Toolkits

UX Designer Louder Communications Sketch, Zeplin, Framer.js,

HTML/CSS/JS,After Effect

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Create an digital service that helps travelers during emergencies while they are abroad, no matter where they are or what language they speak.


A digital product which can reach out to the dispatcher in one-click and help the user by the chatbot system without location unfamiliar and language barriers.



Initial the design problem

Image you are traveling in another country, research the best places to visit and the best places to eat. But almost no one researches what to do if you get in an accident or get robbed...

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01. Research


Stakeholder Map

I make the stakeholder map as the beginning of the research and try to be clear where to start.

  • Get the knowledge of how emergency dispatcher works in different countries.

  • Capture the pain point of the experience when people reach out to the emergency dispatcher.

  • Understand how people describe their locations especially when they are in other countries.

  • Picture how people react in the context of emergency.

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Background Research

How many kinds of emergency dispatchers in the worldwide? 


There are different dispatchers numbers in different countries, there is only one number in US but there are more than five numbers in asian part.


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Competitive Analysis

I studied the existed emergency product: 911 ICE, 911 SMS, Rapid SOS and Trip Whistle. These products highlight in different area of user requirements. It is important to point out that people don’t really trust these products in the context of emergency.

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What are the pain points?


With the learning, I established personas to better capture the pain points. During the interview with several groups of people, I found that people feel disappointed in these area: LOCATION, LANGUAGE, CELL SERVICE, and it is easy to lose connection when people travel back.


People don’t realize what they are talking about in the emergency, panic make them irrational.

For some medical context, people have the limitation to speak due to either the physical or mental feeling.


Understanding Existing Experience

911 User Journey_Where is the opportunity?

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Research Insight

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02. design Concept


Reframe Design Problem


There are existed product that can help when you are in the emergency or you are out of the country. Following by the initial problem, the simple solution could be a integrated product with the functions of both emergency-required and abroad-required. However, it is most important to think how might I make this product both useful and reliable?



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Opportunity Area

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Function Exploration

I brainstormed and listed the functions that are must included and the others work as the “bonus" functions for further testing.


Low-fidelity Prototypes

Following the function exploration, I made five low-fidelity prototypes to test the basic functions. I try to figure out the most reasonable user flow and functions with the goal of taking as least as possible steps to achieve the goal.

In the low-fidelity prototype, I learned that “Choose the Dispatcher“ should be included and be placed before starting conversation.

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Mid-fidelity and A&B test

Test case #1

Map or Not or AR Camera?

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Modified Flow


Test case #2

Chat Mode or Call Mode?

The flow A is created on the perspective a smart chatbot, it reacts in the first person perspective that let user confirm and choose. The flow B is created in a traditional phone call flow, it is a third person perspective chat but more close to the real phone call.

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Modified Flow

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03. Design Development


Information Architecture

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User Flow

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Interactive Prototype(By Framer)


Choose a dispatcher and reach out

Choose a dispatcher and reach out

Chat with the dispatcher

Chat with the dispatcher

Finish and wait for dealing with

Finish and wait for dealing with




  1. Provide the least steps solution to reach the goal, and also provide the choice to get the full service

  2. Provide confirmation on each step the user made

  3. Use more UI than text

  4. Keep the background and chat clean


Final Delivery


Motion Design