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UX/UI/Motion design, 2017

creative Intern At Louder Communications

Goal: Design key experience frame and interaction features of Global 911

         1. As least steps as possible to each function

         2. Global visual system

Toolkits: Sketch, Framer.js, HTML/CSS, After Effect

Role: UX/UI Design, motion Design


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Create an mobile product that helps travellers during emergencies while they are abroad. 



A mobile on-demand 911 service that can provide your exact location, no matter where you are, who you are, or what language you speak.



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Image you are traveling in another country, research the best places to visit and the best places to eat. But almost no one researches what to do if you get in an accident or get robbed...

Global 911 is here to help, the app knows where you are and gives you the choice of the help you need without language barriers.

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Experience Diagram

Design Requirement

1. Make sure user preset all the conditions when installing

2.Make the call button as clear as possible

3.Send accurate location with least action

User Requirement

1. Make sure they can reach out successfully

2. express clearly about who they are, where they are and what happen.


Information Architecture

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User Flow

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Annotated Wireframe

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Global 911 chat bot

With the GPS and Pre-set message package inside the app, you can describe your accurate location without language barrier. You can also have a conversation with the dispatcher to say what you want with the pre-set language transition package.




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Interactive Prototype(By Framer)

Choose a dispatcher and reach out

Choose a dispatcher and reach out

Chat with the dispatcher

Chat with the dispatcher

Finish and wait for dealing with

Finish and wait for dealing with