Interactive Installation, 2o16

Toolkits: Arduino, Laser cut, Prism, Fabrication

Role: Circuit design, fabrication for server and light Source



Introspectrum is a light installation which allow user to interact with one of the prisms and generates rainbow as the light path at the same time. It combines a plastic string sculpture with light and rainbow created by one light source and four prisms.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.09.23 PM.png

Prism testing


How it work?

More than 4000 plastic strings hang in a 30inch x 12inch x 18inch transparent self-made acrylic box to visualize the path of the light.

Each of the three prisms inside the box connect to a servo with a calculated angle. They keep rotating and refracting the light.

The prism outside connect with a potentiometer allowing user to rotate and control the prisms inside the box. With clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation, user can interact with different prisms to see how light and rainbow changes in the box and create a light sculpture of their own.




Lighting and connection