PM/uX/UI Design, 2o13

KeyWords: Mobile application/Group Traveling

Toolkits: Illustrator/HTML/CSS/Framer.js



Helping a start-up figure out product opportunities and give digital product solution.



Full experience simulations supported by comparative research, product positioning and user analysis.



Travel Story is an mobile application design target at small group & free walkers, aimed at making every travelling into a" travel party" and focused on emotion tied and experience within the group members. This is an on-going project and I am response for the UX research and design part.


APP feature on KANO model

After analysing the functional division and characteristics of competing products, I divided travel application into two dimensions: guide tour VS free walker and single user VS group user, then find challenge in Group & Free Walker.


User  Flow


User journey


Part 2: Requirement statement


accounting and dutch treatment

arrange travel party and invite friends

making schedule together

sharing photos and feelings


make travelling into the concept of gathering party

focus on the corporate activities

focus on the emotional experience of gathering







The hierarchical structure

The user flow sturcture

The user flow sturcture

  • iteration

1.Relayout the static bar : move the floating button of “Add new trip” into the static bar, and move the “Myself” into the left front static icon.

2.Cancel the scroll banner and make “Homepage and Recommendation” combine together


Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 10.13.41 AM.png