Vuja Dé

virtual reality interaction,2018

Vuja Dé is a three minutes virtual reality practice that incorporates the intuitive process of breathing and conveys the daily spiritual value through the communication between mind and body, real and virtual.

The practice is a designed life journey, which is meant to be a poetic representation of the cycle of life in a non-place liminal space. The users connects the inner-self and outer world through the process of breathing as the navigation in the world. 





Toolkits: Unity, Oculus, Blender, Cinema4D

Type: Thesis Project




How might I create a virtual life journey that would provide viewers with a reflection on the way they experience the real life? 



Explore how the connection between VR and breath could be used to generate an immersive environment that can act as a metaphor for evoking the personal memory and emotional connections.




Life starts with a breath 

Death starts with its absence

In between is life




The users breathe to navigate the world, breathing in to float upward, breathing out to fall. By incorporating this intuitive process of breathing, the users create consciousness embodied into the practice. As they breathing, they facilitate awareness to evoke their personal memory and make emotion connection crossing the boundary of virtual and real. 


Use the build-in microphone of Oculus headset to capture the breathing data as the input. Conduct FFT analysis in Unity to get rid of other data and keep breathing spectrum only. Use viewer's breathing as the audio back.


Breathing is the way, our inner self connects to the outer world. When the practice end, the users take the emotions happens in the virtual world back to the real, rediscover an aspect of themselves, being alive in the world which they have forgotten, and feeling how extraordinary the ordinary life is. 



A non-place space journey is divided into three spaces, birth, road and dream. Birth is a floating perspective in the unformed universe. Road is a roamer perspective in a mirrored forest. Dream is a spectator perspective in a sunset moment

liminal space

I. Birth

When you first come to this world, you are protected by a huge invisible bubble,

like your mom, like the vibration of ocean.

The world is unformed, until you start to breathe.


The world unfolds as a floating perspective. 

And it starts to change when you start to breathe deeply.

You breathe to slowly fall down. 

you see flowers starts to grow and creatures around you.

You fall down and down util you see a forest, and land on the Road.


II. Road

Road on life is always dangerous.

The forest represents the struggles of a long life—our conflicts, our goals and our failures… 


In this perspective, you are a roamer, a wanderer… 

The orangish dim light is the virtual representation of yourself.

No matter how hard you chase it, it will follow your rotation at the same speed.

Only when you stop rotating and stare at it, and breathe, slowly breathe.

It will stop here, bringing you out of this forest maze.


III. Dream

Dream is the orangish light. 

it is gorgeous just as the sunset in our daily life.


This scene is unfold in a spectator perspective. 

the speed of sun setting corresponds to the rhythm of your breath.

when we feel it, we tend to slow down, to take a moment to pay attention to the beauty surrounds us.

It is a moment of relief in our real day…

And we are aware of a daily cycle.. the sun sets, it rises, it sets again.


In this life journey, you breathe to change the space, the space influence you, is the interplay between you and space, real and virtual. 

after the journey, you may feel lost, relief, emotional, and maybe nothing. But I still hope it could be a chance for you to learn, feel, adapt yourself in a virtual world and feel the real.